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Our Team

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Barbara Eckstein, cofounder of the Peoples’ Weather Map, Digital Bridges Faculty Partner, English Department, University of Iowa
Jim Giglierano, cofounder of the Peoples’ Weather Map, formerly of the Geological Survey in Iowa
Mark NeuCollins, cofounder of the Peoples’ Weather Map, formerly of the Digital Studio, University of Iowa
Karnika Arora, Grinnell College
Erica Damman, University of Iowa
Kristen DeGree, University of Iowa
Steve Gottschalk, 30-year volunteer with the National Weather Service, Clayton County
Interview with Steve Gottschalk:

Jinlin He, Grinnell College
Grace Holbrook, University of Iowa
Emma Holmes, Iowa City City High School, University of Iowa
Emma Husar, University of Iowa
Caglar Koylu, Digital Bridges Faculty Partner, Departments of  Informatics and Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, University of Iowa
Jeff Lehman, University of Iowa
Amanda Lund, University of Iowa
Autumn Meyer, Drake University
Casey Oberlin, Digital Bridges Faculty Partner, Sociology Department, Grinnell College
Beck O’Brien, University of Iowa
Nate Otjen, University of Iowa
April Park, Grinnell College
Kat Perdock, University of Iowa
Garrett Peterson, Iowa State University
Kevin Ripka, web designer, School of Journalism, University of Iowa
Liz Rodrigues, Digital Bridges Partner, Librarian, Grinnell College
Jessica Rusick, University of Iowa
Jeff Speicher, University of Iowa
Eric Tate, PWM Partner, Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, University of Iowa
Anna Walker, University of Iowa
Abigail Weaver, University of Iowa
Christina Zinkgraf , University of Iowa