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A Day in June

Clay County

            Tornados have not diminished in number or severity in the twenty-first-century.  If anything, they do more damage because in many places there is more on the ground to hit.  Here are references to just a few of the new century‚Äôs twisters that Clay County residents will recall.

The National Weather Service records show that on June 11, 2004, nine tornados touched the ground in Clay County.  One stayed on the ground for several miles. 

Another tornado touched down on June 11, 2008.

But a tornado and its accompanying storm on June 19, 2014, perhaps provides the best portrait of a twenty-first century storm.  A tornado touched down that day in Clay County, but 50mph winds were also evident beyond the tornado.  1.75 inches of rain fell that day in Spencer, creating flooding.  Over 3 inches of rain fell in some places in the county. 

Thanks to warning systems and those who heed the warnings, no lives were lost.

Sources:; KICD June 19, 2014.